Segundo Merlos

Segundo Merlos

Age:                     18

Handicap: 2 in the US, 3 in Argentina

Team:     Huntsman  

Home Country:      Home Country is Argentina, but I was born in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Years Playing Polo:

I started playing tournaments at 10 years old. I started with the mallet and ball much earlier, and I have photos of me riding as early as 3 years old!

Pre-game Ritual:               

When I wake up on a game day, I have to get up on my right leg, even if I’m on the left side of the bed.      

Favorite polo destination:     

Santa Barbara and Florida.

Favorite part of playing polo: 

The horses and the friendships.

Favorite local hang out:         

Kitchen Kabaret, in Long Island where I live when I play on the Northeast.

Favorite song:                 

La Isla del Amor by Demarco, a Spanish musician.

Like apart from polo:       

I like fishing a lot, after polo my I definitely love fishing. I fish quite a bit in the Florida Keys.

Professional player I look up to:

After my dad, I’d have to say Hilario Ulloa.

Ultimate goal with polo:           

A dream would be to win the Argentine Open. As a player I first of all try to be a good person, a good team mate. As a strategy, I leave everything on the field. I always say that to go out just to play is not worth it, I think you have to go to give it your all.