Michel Dorignac

Michel Dorignac 6-handicap Team: Airsteam Home Country: Argentina

What polo location is still on your bucket list? I love playing polo in Greenwich every summer, so I haven’t had the chance to play in Spain because they also play during the summer months. But if I could be in two places at once, sign me up for one of the big tournaments at Sotogrande!

City life or country life? I’m a country boy at heart.

Ocean or mountains? Mountains.

Do you have any superstition or ritual before a big match? I just try to relax and get in a good warm up before I hit the field.

Three words that describe polo at Greenwich Polo Club? Classy, beautiful and motivating!

What’s your go-to gear for polo? As long as I have a good horse and teammates, I’m not that picky about my gear.

What’s your favorite polo memory? Winning the interscholastic tournament “Copa Santa Paula” with horses I didn’t know.

How do you unwind after a match? I usually go back to the barn with my family, drink mate and talk about the game with the crew.

Do you play or watch any other sports besides polo? Golf.

What’s your favorite vacation spot? During the off season, you can find me in Patagonia.

What’s one word to describe your playing style? Classic.

What’s the craziest horse name you’ve ever heard? Lacra – a rough translation would be leech.

What’s the name of your first polo pony? Paja Brava, the “fierce straw”.