Maureen Brennan

Age: No comment!!! Home Country (or state if US) of Origin: I was born in New York City and I grew up in Old Brookeville. Team: Goose Creek Handicap: 1.5 How many years playing the sport: About 14 years. Pre-game ritual: I go to CrossFit every morning at 6am to start my day, even before games. You travel around the world for polo. Which destination has been your favorite? I had an amazing time playing in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Favorite part of playing polo: Preparation, practice and I just enjoy working on the field and with my teammates. There are so many facets it’s hard to describe the feeling – I sometimes have an adrenaline high for days after a great game. Favorite local hang-out when playing at Greenwich Polo Club: It’s my first time playing at Greenwich Polo Club so I’m looking forward to finding a hangout! Favorite thing to do when not on the field: I love going to the beach when I’m not on the field. If I weren’t a polo player I would be: Definitely something with horses. I used to be a show jumper so my whole life I’ve been around horses. Favorite all-time horse and why? Ecco. She is an American Thoroughbred and is one of the nicest horses to sit on, the way she moves. She’s speed, agility, light mouth, strong and she’s beautiful. I’ve had her for about 8 years and she will be playing with me at Greenwich Polo Club.