Hilario Ulloa

Age: 30 Home Country: Argentina Team: White Birch Handicap: 9 How many years playing the sport: I started at 5 or 6 – when I was old enough to lift a mallet! I started playing professionally around 16 or 17. Pre-game ritual: I don’t have one. You travel around the world for polo. Which destination has been your favorite? Santa Barbara. Favorite part of playing polo: The horses, the barn and the atmosphere of playing with friends. Favorite local hang-out when playing at Greenwich Polo Club: I like going to dinner at Capriccio in Stamford. Favorite thing to do when not on the field: I have my hands full with my wife and two young daughters – they keep me busy off the field and I love spending time with them. I also like perfecting my Truco game. Favorite song: I don’t have one. If I weren’t a polo player I would be: A soccer player would be fun, but definitely something on a farm because I love horses and they will always be a part of my life. Favorite all-time horse and why? Nape. He’s never missed a chukker and has been with me throughout much of my career.