Ben Avendano

Age: I just turned 18 Handicap: A Home Country (Or state if US): I was born in Florida. Team: I’m playing for Airstream at Greenwich Polo Club. I played as a substitute this year for Orchard Hill during the 26-and 20-goal tournaments. I played for Lucchese last year in the 20-goal tournament. I won the Copa Diamante in 2014 in Argentina with the Patagones team. Pre-game ritual: I always play with pink socks. You travel around the world for polo. Which destination has been your favorite? Wellington, FL and Pilar, Argentina are the favorite places that I’ve played. Favorite part of playing polo: I enjoy meeting new people and having the chance to travel around. Favorite local hang-out when playing at Greenwich Polo Club: I’ve really enjoyed going to the LEO Zoo. Favorite thing to do when not on the field: When I have some time off I go to the beach. Favorite song: “My Name Is” by Eminem If I weren’t a polo player I would be: Any openings for a GQ model? Haha. Favorite all-time horse and why? Fino Nevado played by Facundo Pieres in the 2008 Argentine Open is my favorite of all time.