Tommy Biddle

Age: 46 Home Country (or state if US): Originally from Aiken, South Carolina but I now live in Wellington, Florida. Team: I play in Greenwich, Connecticut for the Beluga team. How many years playing the sport: Been playing polo since I was 8 and turned pro at 18. Handicap: I am 5 goals outdoors now. I got as high as 8 goals outdoors. I am also currently 10 goals in the arena. Only the 4th 10 goal arena player in the USA. Pre-game ritual: Only pregame ritual is that I prefer to drive my horses to the field for every match and arrive an hour before start time so I can start focusing on the match. You travel around the world for Polo. Which destination has been your favorite? I have been fortunate to play in Argentina, China, England, Canada, Chile and Australia but I always prefer going back to Aiken to play because it is where I grew up. Favorite part of playing polo: Favorite part of playing polo is the intense competition and also the comradery amongst the players. Favorite local hang-out while playing at Greenwich Polo Club: With my horses field side! Favorite thing to do when not on the field: Favorite thing to do off the field is playing golf and spending time with my girlfriend, Amber Owen. Favorite song: My favorite song is just about anything Van Halen or the Eagles. If I weren’t a polo player I would be: If I weren’t a polo player what would I be doing? In my younger life I would have stayed with football and really would have tried to go far with that. Older years, I would love to be a pro golfer. Favorite all-time horse and why? My favorite horse of all time was a chestnut gelding named Mufasa. I bought him as a 4 year old and retired him from polo at age 23. He is still alive today at my father’s farm in Aiken at the age of 27. Played him many years in Greenwich and he was my 6th chukker horse when I won the U.S. Open in 2002. He won numerous Best Playing Pony awards including Best Horse of the 2013 US Arena Open when he was 23! Was great to have a horse like him that the majority of players in polo knew and respected.