Peter Brant

Founder of Greenwich Polo Club Patron and polo player for White Birch Home Country: USA

What polo location is still on your bucket list? I’ve played all over the U.S. and also England, Argentina and the Dominican Republic. I would have loved to have played at the ‘Cathedral of Polo’ in Palermo in Buenos Aires – which has hosted the best teams for Argentina and the United States playing for the Americas Cup. City life or country life? I’m an equal opportunity lover of both. Ocean or mountains? Both. Do you have any superstition or ritual before a big match? Stretch. Three words that describe polo at Greenwich Polo Club? Whole lotta fun! What’s your go-to gear for polo? My White Birch jersey. What’s your favorite polo memory? Stopping a goal that was flying through the air with a backhander. It saved us from losing to Calumet for the 1995 World Cup. How do you unwind after a match? Polo relaxes me. There is so much tension during a match that by the time it’s over, I’m totally relaxed. Do you play or watch any other sports besides polo? Yes, a lot! Football, tennis, basketball and baseball. What’s your favorite vacation spot? St. Bart’s in the Spring. What’s one word to describe your playing style? Aggressive. What’s the name of your first polo pony? Marianita.