Annabelle K. Gundlach

Age: 43 Home Country: USA Team: Postage Stamp Farms Handicap: A How many years playing the sport: 1 1/2 years You travel around the world for polo. Which destination has been your favorite? Berlin. Getting to play on the 1936 Olympic Stadium in the city of my family’s origin and where my grandfather was given the “keys of the city” was very special. Favorite part of playing polo: 7 good looking guys chasing me down the field?! That and I love the team aspect of the sport. I was a show jumper prior to this and there it’s a behind the scenes team. This is my first real team experience and in one way it’s less pressure but in another it’s way more because you’re not just letting yourself down if you have a bad day, you’re letting your teammates down. But that team camaraderie is great. Favorite local hang-out when playing at Greenwich Polo Club: It’s my first time playing here, so I’ll tell you at the end of July! Favorite thing to do when not on the field: Since I’m not a professional, my favorite thing to do when I’m not working is riding. On or off the field I love being with my horses. After that, I’m a collector of contemporary art and antique equestrian armor, so you can find me at galleries, museums and art fairs. Favorite song: I don’t have a favorite song. You can find me listening to anything from Beethoven to old school rap to 80s music to current Top 40 (with the exception of heavy metal). If I weren’t a polo player I would be: Since I’m not a polo player I’d be what I am: a portfolio manager. The only other sport where I actually have real talent however is skiing.